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Welcome to the English language summary of my Handheld-TV pages. Here you'll find a short description of some of the most interesting items of the collection. If you are looking for additional information about these pocket televisions (or about this subject in general), please don't hesitate to drop me a line. Thank you.

Part 1: The Stone Age - First Generation LCD (1983 - 1986) Part 2: The "Tubes" Part 3: Passive-Matrix Color LCD from 1987 until today Part 4: High-End (Active-Matrix LCD) Part 5: The SEIKO TV-Watch Part 6: The History of Pocket-Television from the Sixties to 1999

What further information is included on the German pages?

The following pages on www.taschenfernseher.de can be understood without proficiency in German language:

Alle Modelle: An overview about all the items of the collection. Note: names in gray mean that I already own that TV, but I didn't have the time yet to present it here. Names in italics refer to models which are constructed in the same way.

Testbilder: This page shows some sample screenshots of seven different TVs (CITIZEN 08TA; SONY FD-230; CASIO TV-2000, TV-500, TV-880 and EV-510; SABA TV-Journey 4 / EPSON ET-P320).

Baugleich: A cross reference list of (almost) identical Handheld-TVs. Unfortunately without any guarantee.

... im Fernsehen: A documentation about this collection on German TV (try one of the links at the end of the page).

Sinclair MTV1: A "picture-gallery" dedicated to the famous multi-standard TV from Sir Clive Sinclair.

Medienübersicht: A list of all the adverts, manuals and articles used on my website. Different languages.

Bildarchiv: Unique page with more than 300 pictures of Handheld-TVs from all over the world.

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